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Florida Personal Injury Physicians has been catering to the pain management needs of patients for over 15 years. We have over 50 years of cumulative experience of pain management.


We believe in giving our patients true, one-on-one time with our doctors, and you can count on spending at least 15 minutes with your medical doctor during every appointment. We also offer complimentary chiropractic services and massage therapy with every pain management visit, and we specialize in providing treatment for those over the age of 50.


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Professional pain management services

Quality care is what we strive for

Have you been recently injured in a car accident? Have you just had surgery or can't afford surgery and are searching for relief from your pain? If so, you can treat your pain with care from a chiropractor, a medical doctor, an acupuncturist, and a massage therapist all in one convenient location!


Our medical doctors have the ability to write a prescription for pain medication and to refer you to other medical specialists. Medical doctor's records override chiropractor's notes in court cases.


If you are interested in becoming a patient in our pain management clinic, you will need to meet the following criteria:

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  • Have a current set of MRIs, and be transferring from another pain management facility.

  • Providing a referral from a primary care physician or chiropractor will help in determining if you are a good candidate for pain management.

  • Patients who have suffered car accidents can become either short-term or long-term pain management patients, depending on the severity of the trauma experienced.

  • Every pain management patient must be seen in person by one of our physicians for at least 15 minutes every month.

  • Complimentary chiropractic adjustments are given to all of our current pain management patients.

  • We protect our select group of patients by requiring that all must pass a drug test, background screening, and obtain diagnostic reporting to justify the need for a pain medication. We tolerate NO drug-seeking behavior.

  • Your first face-to-face visit with 1 of our 3 medical doctors will be for 1 hour, and all follow-up visits will allow face time with your doctor of at least 15 minutes.


Compassionate, effective pain management services